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Family trip in Vietnam : good plan, adresses, activities and rent a car in Vietnam

family trip in vietnam

Travel tips for Vietnam Family Holidays

Once on a family trip to Vietnam , we wonder how to deal with children ? It is complicated or not? But no, it is not as complicated …here are some nice plans to check out when you are with them
- Visit the Museum of Ethnology in the park with reconstructions of traditional houses with stairs quirky , fun games and bamboo on which children can test their balance. Nguyen Van Huyen Street , Cau Giay district , west of downtown
- Run, jump and climb in old trees and sculptures of turtles Temple of Literature .
- Watch the puppet show on the water around Lake Hoa Kiem : short skits , told by the musicians. While Vietnamese, but the situations are easy to understand , and it is also an opportunity to listen to traditional music. We can then walk around the lake: wide sidewalks , no bikes , very nice with kids!
- Wander through the ” district of 36 streets ,” the former colonial district full of charm, with a little decrepit mansions and gardens of lush villas.
- Walking and camping in parks in Hanoi. Hanoi has several amusement parks that are well insulated from noise and pollution . Chercehz quiet corners in parks like Thong Nhat ( Lenin ) or Thu Le not far from the central area . The child playing with others , forgetting the time

Make swimming and kayaking among the rocks of the Halong Bay and Lan Ha ( check this site for more options of Cruises in Halong Bay and Lanha Bay )   , in a stunning setting ! All hotels offer a classic Tour 2 days / 1 night, a bit long for kids , and really lacks magic : boats discharge their flow of tourists in the same cave ( in beton) and evening , twenty boats moored in the same place . It is advisable to stop on the island of Cat Ba to spend two nights in a wooden bungalow on the beach (on the beach Cat Ba 3). Although the island is a little paradise , it’s really nice , especially since the restaurant next door is good! The walk in the park in the center of the island is to go to the beautiful view of the bay, if we have the courage to go through ! Careful, it’s slippery during the rainy season. For this option, it’s recommended to rent a car with a driver to visit the North of Vietnam as it’s more confortable to childrens

rent a car in vietnam

Visit the tombs of emperors in Hue, on the river of five fragrances. We rented a boat and boatman , and his wife made ​​to eat. The boat is rather spacious and safe, since partially closed. It’s beautiful, but a bit repetitive for children … you can always take a Frisbee for entertaining! To stretch your legs then , Hue is the green city where children can run around in parks and the citadel without fear of being hit by a motorcycle, or a tour of ” cyclo “, the traditional bicycle rickshaw , without being suffocated by exhaust gas. A walk of half an hour is ideal.

Get up very early to see the floating markets sampan , the traditional boat in the Mekong Delta , Can Tho . The gardeners invited Marius on their boat for tasting fruit : a beautiful memory! For lunch , the Victoria Hotel is lovely : we went there with a special hotel shuttle to take near the port. A luxurious place where the meal is a very good value for money . He even has a children’s menu and coloring on the placemat . Provide jerseys to enjoy the swimming pool , pay even if we consume . ( www.victoriahotels – ) From Ho Chi Minh City, there is a speed boat that links to Can Tho 3:30 , when it does not fall down – otherwise it is 5am bus .

Bathing in the sea and make slides on the sand dunes at MuiNe : a totally unexpected Saharan landscape in Vietnam ! On the beach itself , with nice small , follow the resorts , overlooking the sea, with or without swimming pool in the standard. We just regret not getting up at 4am to visit one of the largest fish markets of Vietnam, Phan Thiet … The large bay of Mui Ne is located near the city of Phan Thiet , at 4:30 Ho Chi Minh City by bus or train.

Play between the huge golden dragons of Suo Tien amusement park in Ho Chi Minh : A super fun park kitsch , so with giant tusks of elephants at the entrance to feed crocodiles (yes , the real ! ) and water games . To get there, take the bus costs 50 cents , rather than the taxi costs 15 euros and put that long! ( Tan Phu Ward , Dist. 9 / suoitien_park )

Ho Chi Minh is certainly not our favorite , but if you need to stop over before taking a boat on the Mekong and other excursions, you can spend a very nice afternoon with the kids at Van Tan Park north of the city ( get there by taxi). This is a nice big park with a large lake. Plenty to do as a family : Lunch , really well , playing in a playground while parents hang out a little table , swim in the pool, large and clean , rent bikes by the hour …

If you want to do some shopping for the kids, you’ll find it at the market in Saigon ( 79 square Nam Khi Khoi Nghia ) : Crocs , Converse , Gap clothing at low prices …

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